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MVS Label Project

Irem Madonna

Wire Shop

Sorry folks, I am no longer doing any wiring.

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Pause Switch Kit

Includes all wiring, Molex disconnects, and switch. Just solder the two wires to the board and that's it.

No Longer Available.

BIOS Switch Kit

This is basically the same as the switches sold by Jeff Kurtz with his BIOS chip, but with the addition of the Molex disconnect. (Jeff said it was ok)

Includes all wiring, Molex disconnects, and switches. Solder 3 wires and done.

No Longer Available.

Headphone Audio Wire

This is the wiring that runs from the PCB to the MV-IC memory board.

No Longer Available.

2 Speaker Audio Wire

Use this for a 1 slot that can output Stereo or other PCBs

No Longer Available.

Stereo Wire Kit

This is the easiest way to make your Jamma harness Stereo. Plug in the two Jamma split pins and clamp on the ground wire. (requires two speakers)

Includes speaker connectors, Jamma split pins, wire, ground splice, and Molex disconnect

No Longer Available.

No Solder No Crimp Button Kit

Need to add a 4th button or Select button to your Jamma harness but don't want to solder or crimp? This will do it. All you need is a pair of pliers.

Includes button (most colors), wire with Jamma split pin and QC, wire with ground splice and QC. Easy as pie.

No Longer Available.

Control Panel Harness Set

These sets plug into the Main Harness on a SNK MVS cab. This replaces all the wiring to your control panel Joysticks and Buttons. (Not for Candy cabs)

No Longer Available.

MVS Main Harness

This is the main harness with all the Molex connectors for the dedicated SNK MVS cabs. This will replace your existing harness without changing any connectors, Plus it adds a -5V line.

No Longer Available.

MVS Main Harness with Control Panel Harness Set

Same as above, but with the Control Panel Harness Set included.

No Longer Available.

Picture Coming!

Basic MVS harness.

This is the same harness as seen in the project section. It will come ready to go except for Video and Coin door connections.

No Longer Available.