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MVS Label Project

Hyper64 ST-V F3 Irem Madonna
Adding -5 volts to your MVS harness
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One of the things that makes a MVS wiring harness different from a Jamma wiring harness is the lack of a -5 Volt line. You need -5V to be able to play certain Jamma PCBs. So, here goes another project.

This is a close up of the MVS PCB Jamma edge connector. Look at the 2nd contact to the right of the narrow notch. Notice there is not a lead coming off the contact? That is where the -5V lead goes. So, you can see that if you add -5V to your harness it will not damage any of the PCB components, because the voltage will never get there.
This is the power supply for an original SNK MVS cabinet. See the white wire? Guess what? It's a -5V wire. It even says so on the yellow sticker. These are generic power supplies, and they carry the standard voltages. So all we need to do is get the white wire to the PCB, and it's really pretty simple.

What you need:

Wire Strippers

Molex crimpers
.093 Molex Male crimp on connector for 18 gauge wire
Jamma 25/56 crimp on pins.
18 Gauge hook up wire (orange or white if you have it)