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MVS Cartridge Cleaning

Alot of people have asked how to go about cleaning their cartridges due to lines on the picture, scrambled pictues, or totally non working cartridges. This is intended to be a visual guide on how to go about it. I take no responsibility for any damage to person or property by following this guide.

Basic Cleaning

First, you need a dirty cart.


Get some good electronics cleaner.
People differ on what to use, I find
that this stuff from the Shack works well.


Cotton swabs - Q-tips, whatever.


Compressed air - (optional)


Wet the swab with the cleaner


wipe off all the contacts on both sides
of both cards.


Optional - blow off the contacts to help get
rid of crap and evaporate the cleaner.



Before and After.
This is why you should clean them.

That should be it for a basic cleaning.
Let the cleaner dry and plug in your cart.
Still have problems? - go to Heavy Cleaning.


Heavy Cleaning

Get a pencil with a good eraser.
The pinker the better.



A mid sized phillips screwdriver


Take the 4 screws out of the cart.


Carefully open the cart. Be carefull not to
mess up the spine label. Pull out the two
boards (make sure you keep track of
which board went where and orentation)


Lightly rub all the contacts with the eraser
Do this on both cards, both sides.


Use the contact cleaner on the swab to
clean around the chips.


Clean all the contacts with the wet swab
to get any loose eraser particles.


Put it back together and everything
should be right with the world.

Good Luck!

Special thanks to Jethro who supplied the sexy
monkey knuckles for the photos. If you are wondering,
he smashed his thumb in a car door.