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MVS Label Project

Hyper64 ST-V F3 Irem Madonna
Adding the AES BIOS to your MVS PCB
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This is another cool project. I had read where it was possible to add the AES BIOS to your MVS PCB so you could access some of the game features not available to MVS. It also gives you the ability to switch between English and Japanese, so you can play "Flying Power Disc" instead of "Windjammers". That's worth the price of admision alone!

As it turns out, Jeff Kurtz sells this as a kit with instructions on how to do it. You can order the BIOS with or without the wiring and the switches, I ordered mine without. This is a quick rundown on how the install went.

AES BIOS Kit If you order the kit without switches, this is what you get. A new BIOS chip and instructions.
Soldering iron You will also need a soldering iron.
Solder Solder
Wires 18 Gauge Wire, black and two other colors. You will need approximately 2 feet of each color.
Pause switches Two Single Pole Single Throw (SPST) switches. Make sure they are not momentary switches.
Wire strippers / cutters Wire strippers / cutters
Philips head screwdriver Philips head screwdriver
Crimpers And optionally, crimpers if you want to do the Molex disconnect as well as teh molex connector and pins of your choice.